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Lash Tint

Last Tint and Brow Tint Basics

If you want to add color to your eyelashes or eyebrows, tinting is an easy, effective way to achieve the perfect look. The process of getting a lash tint or brow tint is fairly fast and easy, and it can add a fuller, darker look to your features for a beautiful touch. If you’re thinking about a brow tint, it’s much more impactful than applying makeup alone. The lash tint and brow tint is also extremely low-maintenance, and you can enjoy the fuller, more prominent look without having to pay for services like microblading or eyelash extensions. The process involves brushing a dye directly onto your lashes or brows. This dye will darken them to your desired color, and it looks much more natural than using a brow pencil or mascara. Tinting is also a lot more precise, which means you won’t need to worry about smudges and other marks that traditional makeup tends to leave behind.

When you get a lash tint or brow tint, several different types of dyes may be used. A vegetable dye is the most popular choice since it’s natural and does not contain any harsh or potentially toxic chemicals. Some tint dyes contain food-coloring dyes, coal-tar dyes, or traditional cosmetics colorants. The coal-tar dye is made from burnt coal and is not recommended nor safe, so always make sure you ask about what type of dye is being used. Ideally, a semi-permanent dye that can be used for both brows and eyelashes will work best. Make sure you choose the perfect color match for your lash tint, too. Our team can help you find the perfect color that will enhance your face’s already beautiful features. With a lash tint or a brow tint, you can get a gorgeous look without all of the extra maintenance.

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